Simu & Management
SiMu Alice
Mu is the traditional honorific prefix indicating the spouse of the Sifu or SiBok, (Master Rubio). She creates, directs and produces all school activities, protecting the schools integrity and authenticity.

– Liza Jimenez
Also a student, works directly with SiMu in maintaining a welcoming and professional environment for our students.

Si Hings & Si Dais
The prefix Si Hing denotes older brother or sister. The prefix Si Dai indicates younger brother or sister. The head of all Hings is addressed as Tai Si Hing.

– Tai Si Hing Donovan Cecil

– Si Hing Sabrina Fernandez
– Si Hing Brian King
– Si Hing  Rigoberto Mejia

– Si Dai Maria Burrell
– Si Dai Altricia Wilson
– Si Dai Gillan Chalono

Staff & Disciples
SiFu is the honorific prefix denoting father (traditional female instructors also use this term)

– SiFu Frank Sotolongo
– SiFu Brooke Becker
– SiFu Fernando Royos
– Tai Si Hing Donovan Cecil
– SiFu Frank Sotolongo