We offer instruction in over eight styles of traditional Chinese martial arts in both external and internal practices, including;
• Northern Shaolin
• Southern Long Fist
• Hung Gar
• Wing Chun
• Choy Li Fut
• Tai Chi Chuan - Yang/Chen
• Chi Gong
• Hua Shan Pai
• Ba Gua
• Iron Palm
• Traditional Lion Dance

Our school is program-based, leading the student through tiered development which establishes effectiveness of movement and technique. Each program has specific goals, ensuring that reaching these goals and skills set the foundation for the next level of training while avoiding injury and maintaining motivation.

There is no final destination of Black Belt level. Many of our students have been with us for decades, enjoying the journey.

Outstanding Facility
Kung Fu Connection 1 boasts an 8,000 square foot facility featuring;
• 4 training rooms
• A meditation room
• An equipment room
• Meeting rooms
• 2nd floor study area
• A pro shop

The schools sculptures, antiques, prints and artifacts lend a cultural atmosphere representing our tradition and history.