Major Tournaments
Competed from 1977 through 1990 in major tournaments securing over 200 victories. Some awards include:

– 1976, 1979 & 1982 United States East Coast Open Championship 1st place in Kung Fu Division, 1st place Weapons Division

– 1979 Miami International Open 1st place in Kung Fu Division, 1st place Weapons Division

– 1982 Tampa Bay Open 1st place Kung Fu Division, 1st place Weapons Division

– 1983 United States Open 1st place Kung Fu Weapons Division

– 1989 Sunshine Gold Cup Classic 1st place Kung Fu Black Belt Division

Sole disciple of Master Bak Hay Chin. Master Chin is President of the United States Hua Shan Pai Taoist Qi Gong Federation and is highly respected by China's top Chinese masters. His long list of credentials are respectfully undisclosed.

Sole disciple of Dr. George Ling Salis. Dr. Salis is the 26th generation and inheritor of Emperors Sungs Long Fist/Tai Shan Men/Great Sage (Monkey Style)

Studied with Chow Chin Chew. Master Chew teaches Wu style Tai Chi Chuan.

Master Rubios Kung Fu brotherhood, whose traditional styles and pure lineage are recognized within the KFC curriculum, include: Master Mario Perez (Hung Gar) and SiFu Edward Louk (Wing Chun).

– Single & Double Saber
– Single & Double Spears
– Staff & 3-sectional
– Straight Sword
– Kwando (Halberd)
– Butterfly Knives
– 9-sectional Chain Whip
– Single & Double Daggers
– Tiger Fork
– Sung Snake Spear
– Double Crescent Spear

– Northern & Southern
   Shaolin Kung Fu
– Tai Chi Chuan
– Ba Gua
– Hua Shan Pai Chi Gong
– Chin Na
– Hung Gar
– Choi Li Fut
– Praying Mantis
– Monkey Style
– Hsing-Yee
– Liu Ho Ba Fa