Living Masters
In traditional Kung fu, Masters of the caliber we have at our schools, only work with their Disciples, if at all.

At Kung Fu Connection I, we are greatly honored to have Master Rubio still actively teaching his students, training regularly, and engaging philosophical and historical content in seminar formats.

Master Rubio is the sole disciple of Bak Hey Chin (Northern Shaolin) and Dr. George Ling Salis (Emperor Sung).

A basic understanding of Chinese history is key in appreciating traditional Kung fu.

During the communist occupancy, many Masters avoided persecution by fleeing China. Fortunately, some continued to teach. They honed dedicated disciples, like Master Rubio, to carry on this powerful art form which offers health, and empowerment to all who are willing to challenge themselves.

Family Tree
Pure lineage, traditional Kung Fu can be validated by a family tree.

Beware of  schools who make claims, such as self-proclaimed SiFu's (there are many), since students are generally unable to validate these claims.

We come from a long line of honorable Masters who are respected worldwide, unaffected by the media, commercial associations or government.